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About Us
1) What is your startup about?

A Start Up for Consulting Services for IT Parks , Civil Aviation  & Renewable Energy Projects in Andhra Pradesh . Registered as ' VENGI VENTURES PVT LTD ' to find Investors who are willing to invest amounts running into Millions for Land / Businesses.   

2) What made you to come up with the new business model ?

I have always thought of doing things  differently ,  I was for all these years looking after my Family Business ( unfortunatly did not find Success in that ) . 5 years back I was inspired by 2 movies , one not exactly  a film but a Documentary called  , Pirates of the Silicon Valley , which depicted the business accumen of Steve Jobs & the 2nd , A Hindi film called Rocket Singh , Salesman of the Year , which showed Marketing  in a totally different way .  

3) Tell us something about you and your team .

Yes . My team , at Present , consists Myself & My Son , who is a B. Tech . M. S. From BITS Pilani , has 11 years experiance in Software Development . I also encourage Young People in Entrepreneurship . I have entrusted assignments to 2 more youngsters with ( yet to get confirmation from them ) to Pitch on behalf of my Company Vengi Ventures Pvt Ltd .   

4) What are your present year agenda?

Our Present agenda for the Year 2017 is to initiate an IT Park at Eluru in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh with the help of some investors who are willing to invest ( negotiating ) in this Project .   We will also be Pitching for Helicopter Charter Services with, Lockheed Martin - Sikorsky Helicopters in the later half of the year . We are also lookin for investors in this space also . As soon as we here from them we will commence preliminary work for licenses etc .

5) 5 years down the line , what do you see?

Thats a Good Question . We see ourselves as one of the largest Conglomerate Company in Andhra Pradesh with IT Parks in 2 Tier cities of the State , buy Sykorski Helicopters instead of leasing , and provide alternative energy via Solar and Wind technologies .  probably go for an IPO .

6) Current location and why ?

We are in the Central part of State of Andhra Pradesh , 20 kms from , would be International  & 24 x 7 Airport and 50 kms away from our State Capital of Andhra Pradesh , Amaravathi which stations all of Govt Offices . We are also on the National Highway No. 5 with 4-6 lane roads .  

7) What is the USP of your startup business .

Do things my way for the betterment of Hometown

To forey into Businesses is not possible for others to do .

Finding Local talent and create Employment in local area so that they ( employees ) stay with their Parents .